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Free local delivery for purchases above S$50
Free local delivery for purchases above S$50


by GAN
GÄN GT is an additional control unit that dynamically changes the signals coming from several sensors to the ECU. GAN GT can be used for all turbocharged engines.
    • Advtanges:
      • GÄN GT increases power, improves manoeuvrability, acceleration and hence driving safety.
      • You don’t have to choose between better performance and better fuel economy anymore.
      • By using GAN you can save up to 1L of fuel per 100 km. You invest in economy. Enjoy the power and save fuel and money.

      Main Features:

      • Our chip modules are designed and manufactured in Germany.
      • The body is made of advanced aluminium and carbonic materials.
      • We use only heat- and moisture-resistant materials for nano-coating.
      • You will get it all with the latest version of optimized and safe software.

      Mobile App:

      • It is easy to use GAN due to the mobile app, which allows you to choose a performance level.